Friday, December 30, 2011

Life Of A New Mom!

What is the life of a new mom?huh,all of us knew! When you heard this question,sure a lot of things comes in our mind what a new mom's life would be.First is the sleeping habit.Thinking of sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours at night? Forget about it,it's not gonna happen no more. Most of the advice either directly from your Doctor's,from the book you read, or from reading online says,"When your little one is asleep or napping try to get some rest and take a nap as well." Huh,are all mom's fallow this routine? I doubt it.

Waking up not only every two hours to feed your little one and to check if he/she is wet or have a poopy diaper,but every time she/he makes noises like,breathing hard, dreaming cries or just a simple cooing. All of these I mentioned are those fact that will drive you nuts not getting enough sleep at night. When you have the chance to at least take a nap while your baby is napping during the day,your mind is telling you to do something more useful than napping,like doing laundry,washing dishes,washing baby bottles etc. Not unless you have a house maid? I am talking the U.S life,we can't afford one!

How about time for your self? When I said time,like at least taking a long hot shower,comb your hair,put a little make up so when the hubby come home you still feel pretty and sexy. Do we have time for that? Knowing that you can't leave your little one unattended? Huh,just do it when hubby's home,so whether you like it or not,hubby will see your face when he left and worse when he comes back and what ever his reaction is, blame it to him for asking a baby.(lough)Kidding aside,but being a mommy is a life changing and it's forever. Regrets? Not even in my dreams. I am happy and never get tired being a mommy of my two beautiful princesses. Hard it is but worth it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Breast Feeding Blues!

I never tried breast feeding to my eldest daughter before,so breast feeding to my little one right now is all "NEW" to me.The first day of her life was the first time I tried to nursed her,it went well that day,but later at night,it turns to a nightmare.

I did not have the milk yet to supply her hunger,all I've got is the colostrum which is not enough to support her needs. With the help of all the nurses and nutritionist at the hospital,I tried hard to comfort her with my warm hug and put her close to my heart that she can felt my heartbeat. She calm down for a bit but later on she started screaming again,I felt frustrated feeling sorry for my baby,I would like to give up right away and want to give her a formula but nurses and Doctor's encouraged me to breast feed and not to give up.

Until the day we went home,I still haven't yet my milk to come out.My breast started to swell because of trying my little one to latch on me even though I don't have a milk yet.She got so frustrated and so am I that I end up crying and told my husband to buy a formula at the nearest store. I gave her the formula but I did not give up trying to check if I got little milk or what,until the fallowing day my milk start to come.

I was so engorged that my breast want to explode,I started crying again because by the time that my milk comes out my nipple was so sore that I cant let my little one to latch on me.That was so horrible and very painful experienced.I went to the public health in town to seek advice,they couldn't tell me exactly what to do although they tried their best to explain and encouraged me not to give up on breast feeding.

The public health gave me a nice pump to pump my milk out,but still I couldn't do it because of my nipple so sore,so I called my Doctor but he wasn't available that time,one of his P.A. answered my call and scheduled to see me that day.She checked me and she told me I was so engorged that I really need to either pump the milk or try to nurse my little one.She knew that it would be so painful for me to pump or nurse,so she told me to buy a nipple shield to protect my nipple,and that was it! My problem was solved!

Yes,breast feeding is a challenging experience but enjoying at the same time,the only problem I can see is the hassle,because if you are going to shop or even you have an appointment you need to breast feed your little one when she/he gets hungry.If you are in the shopping mall you have to run to a dressing room to feed,if you are in the clinic? Forget there are nurses or Doctor's in front of you,baby's needs comes first,so open that "boobie milk" right here,right now! lol!

Yes you can pump a milk to take it with you whenever you have to go somewhere but still... "pumping" is hassle too... "Oh well,I guess that is the life of a MOMMY". I never regret I breast feed because I feel more closer to my little one,plus I save money for not buying formula,plus I save time for not washing bottles everyday,plus I am more feeling safe breast feeding her than giving her a formula,plus,plus...a lot more :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Mommy!

I am now in my two weeks of recovery and so far I did not see any problem in my surgery.Most of the moms who just had C-section are 100% resting for a faster recovery but not me! Believed it or not only 3 days after I got home from the hospital I already drove to pick up my eldest daughter at school because my husband has already back to work. It took me 10 minutes and was running out of breath when I reached the school building from the parking lot.

The next day,I did the same thing but instead of picking her up at school,I let her rode in the bus to my work place at the Children Center,in that case I don't need to park and walk to her school.At the place I work,the school bus will drop off the kids to our building right in front of our parking lot,so,all I need to do is to park my car,wait for the bus to come and wait for my daughter to get off,I don't need to get out of my car at all.

Only days after my surgery and I'm already up and moving.I do some small house chores like cooking,folding clothes,organizing baby's stuff and so.I do have my parents in-laws here to help but I cant stand to see them working hard for me.They are in their 80's already and they shouldn't be doing house chores for me.They should be here to enjoy their grand children and not to be my helper.So,here's the super mommy doing the best she can for her beloved family,and for Gods help I am recovering so well.Thank You Lord!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Time Management!

Okay,my baby is finally here and once again I thank God for his none stop blessings and guidance throughout my family.My schedule is now very hectic,only few days ago since we checked out from the hospital,we was going back and fort to her pediatrician for her fallow up check up because no matter how we pray to have a perfect healthy baby something is always went wrong.

My newborn have a "little" not much"NEONATAL JAUNDICE". Although her pediatrician said there's nothing to worry about but he, himself want to make sure that there's really nothing to worry.He requested a blood test for her and the result was normal, so we thank God once again.Next week we have another visit to her pediatrician because he want to see if her skin color change to normal and as of now,so far she looks better.

For now everything seems okay,I have my parents in-law who are helping me 101% but the question is? What happen if they will be back home? How should I manage my time? I am still going back to work after my maternity leave which is the second week of January. I am also continuing my schooling. I am really loaded but I am not going to quit and that is all CLEAR for now! So, Good luck to me!

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