Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crappy Day


Yesterday was a crappy day.I was nauseated the whole day at work.I was trying to hold on to my stomach not to vomit but I cant helped it,the more I stopped my self the more I felt so bad.I went home so exhausted and starving because I did not eat the whole day.I cant think of a food that my stomach will accept.

Its aggravating!I hate this process of pregnancy!I mean,If I could just have the baby right away without carrying 9 months in my tummy and without experiencing difficulties would be a good relief for all the women but reality doesn't work that way.I have no choice but to accept the fact that this is the process,and I have no exceptions,and that this is what I wanted,so deal with it!

Having two pregnancy and experienced the same feeling is an eye opening for me.My mom use to tell us back when we were little,specially when we're being naughty and doesn't listen to her about how hard being a mother and how she dealt and struggled her life for us that at the end we dont give her the return of at least being a good kids and listened to her sometimes.

I smiled thinking about it,because she also use to tell me that I can only understand what she's talking about if I also experienced being a mother....And here I am understanding so well,and when my daughter will not gonna listen to me I guess I will tell her the same as what my mom use to tell me,but good thing my daughter is a very good listener tho.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sleepless Pregnant!


What the heck!I was awake since last night I only slept for 4 hours.I woke up around 11 PM because my daughter was crying and have temperature of 102.99F. and since then I couldn't get back to sleep.I spent my time browsing the web until almost 4:00 o'clock in the morning.I went back and lay down in my bed and start calling my husband from the other side of the world and we started talking for almost 2 hours (Sure our phone bills will freak us out).After we talk,I tried to go to back to sleep for around 7:00 o'clock this morning and by 8:00 o'clock I woke up again to call the school and my work,let both know we are off for today.

I got up nauseated straight to the bathroom and puke then after the puking scene,I prepared my daughter's breakfast gave her medicine and lay down in the couch for a little bit.After a little while I started to get hungry but I don't feel the urged of eating the food that I have.I was craving for a grilled milk fish,shrimp gambas, and crab which is none on my fridge,I can only get those from asian store which is 2 and 1/2 hours drive! Now what?! get starve?! waah! poor me.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Feeling

Since we've plan for this pregnancy,we plan also to have a baby boy because we already have a girl and since no body really knew what you gonna have we are just hoping,but my Best Friend told me that she found a site that tells what your baby's gender gonna be if you plan to get pregnant in a certain month and age,like calculating the age and month you gonna be pregnant and you will find out the baby's gender on the chart.I was laughing at it because I cant believed that when I visit the site and start calculating my last pregnancy the result was right.

Its says 99% accurate! Although I didn't really believed on what I read and saw on that site,I was glad that at least there's a possibility that I can have a baby boy this time.Although there's no assurance but I have the feeling that I might be carrying a baby boy,its because this is very different than my last pregnancy.

My morning sickness are not bad as before,maybe I dont really have it yet but there's also possibilities that this pregnancy will be very easy in term of pregnancy symptoms.I dont feel anything like sensitivity of smells yet or I might be not having it at all.

In my first pregnancy I was so sick even before I missed my period, and it last until in my second trimester.I cannot hold a food in my stomach at all,I had mood swings that I cant understand why.One time I am happy then all of a sudden I end up crying,it was weird.Some people say I might be having a baby girl because of the obvious sign of it,and yes I do have a baby girl.

According to the Chinese prediction Chart I am having a baby boy!.....Well,I hope so but that's not really matter,what matter is we are going to have a precious and healthy little one,that we're going love and embrace for the rest of our life...and that's what matter most!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Cravings


I am not sure if I consider these as a cravings but I noticed that this past few days I can't stop my self eating a plain steamed green beans,with nothing on it.I love to dip it in the ketchup and believe it or not I eat the whole can.I am not only crazy with green beans but also plums.I can eat up to 7 pieces of plums a day which is unusual because I never ever like eating green beans and plums.

My appetite increases too,I always feel hungry and my food intake are doubled than the usual.The morning sickness are not too bad,I could just ignore the nausea and never affect my appetite,which is a good sign because I can eat any thing that I like.... :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Morning Sickness: Day 1

I woke up early this morning to get my kindergartner get ready for school.I was so sleepy and lazy to get up even though I went to bed early last night.I feel so dizzy,my head was so heavy.I was preparing my daughter's stuff when I felt like the house was spinning.I stand still to avoid my self from passing out and after a few seconds I was running to the toilet bowl to vomit.I felt like there was a lot of air bubbles in my stomach.I was trying to vomit but there's nothing came out,good thing my hubby was there to comfort me and that's help a lot to make me feel better.

This is only the first day,I knew there are more to come,I dont feel the sensitivity of smells yet but I knew it is coming.....So good luck to me... :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Plan

Some people asked me if we plan for this pregnancy,the answer is yes! Since I got pregnant with my eldest daughter and until she was born I was still in the Philippines.She was 3 years old when we finally decided to come here in the U.S.Me and hubby discussed about not having another baby right away,so I took BC pills.

I was scheduled to  have my yearly pap smear visit and also to refill my BC pill last November when me and hubby decided to have another baby.We decided to talk to my doctor about the plan to have a baby by next year,so he gave us  3 months supply,and by February I already stopped taking pills.March was my last period and here I am ready for a new journey.... :)

I Will Be a Mom Again!


As I mention in my other blog I went to the doctor because I has been sick for more than a month.I had the feeling that I might be pregnant, so I took a pregnancy test.The first result was negative so I've waited at least a week to try again one more time, and on March 28 of 2011,the result turns positive.My last LMP was actually March 3rd,I was way too early but I don't know why I had the feeling that I might be pregnant and yes,the result says yes I am pregnant.

I made an appointment for my first check up and that would be on May 5th.,I am hoping that everything will be alright.For now I dont feel anything yet like morning sickness,it maybe too early for that or I might not feeling anything this time,because as I remembered to my first pregnancy I felt symptoms even before I missed my period.Those moment was actually very hard for me because I couldn't stand my it.I was so sick in my stomach that I couldn't hold any food with out spitting it back.Those moment was horrible but knowing the reason for all of those,was worthwhile.

The birth of my new blog!

This is the first day and the first post I made for this blog....What inspired me to open this?...its because I want to share the moment of being a mommy again for the second time.Share the happening and what I would be experiencing trough my pregnancy and until the day I give birth and so on.

This will be my daily log or let say my open diary for my children as we, as parents witness their journey in life till they grow up,this would be our open family story.

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