Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Movement!

Two days ago I was worried about my baby's movement in my tummy,I was so tired after working in my garden for almost half a day and my back was aching,got muscle cramps and didn't eat anything at all. I was so in to finishing what I have started in my garden that I dont wanna be disturb by at least putting food in my tummy,until later in the afternoon,I finally get done and lay a little bit in the couch.

I didn't feel any movement as I usually felt every time I'm relaxing and lying down flat in the couch,I was counting minutes to an hour while rehydrating my self by drinking glass of juice,I fell asleep and I woke up when I finally felt the movement again,it wasn't that strong as I normally noticed it.

I then decided to eat some fruits instead of a big meal and continuing drinking juice until the dinner came and my husband just decided to pick up some food from the Chinese restaurant and thats what we  had for dinner that evening,because I was so tired I went to bed and fell asleep right away. The next morning (Yesterday morning) I woke up just to go to the bathroom,I had tummy aches and got diarrhea but I just ignore it because I thought its not that bad and went to work,so far my day was fine although I still had frequent bowel movement.

We went for a shopping yesterday after work so I dont have the time to give attention to my baby's movement but after we got home I was then right away lay down in the couch and feel my baby again and there was it the baby was moving like crazy,very strong that I can actually feel it in my palm. I woke up many times last night because my baby was constantly moving,I keep rubbing my tummy until I fell asleep again,and this morning the baby was still moving like crazy so I get my husband's hand and put it in my tummy,he was like just had a bad nightmare quickly get his hands away from my tummy and said "Jesus! what was that?" I said "The baby's kick!" then he said "I swear to God but that's freak me out! I never imagine that little thing in there can kick that hard!" I was cracking up laughing at him!

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