Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Feeling

Since we've plan for this pregnancy,we plan also to have a baby boy because we already have a girl and since no body really knew what you gonna have we are just hoping,but my Best Friend told me that she found a site that tells what your baby's gender gonna be if you plan to get pregnant in a certain month and age,like calculating the age and month you gonna be pregnant and you will find out the baby's gender on the chart.I was laughing at it because I cant believed that when I visit the site and start calculating my last pregnancy the result was right.

Its says 99% accurate! Although I didn't really believed on what I read and saw on that site,I was glad that at least there's a possibility that I can have a baby boy this time.Although there's no assurance but I have the feeling that I might be carrying a baby boy,its because this is very different than my last pregnancy.

My morning sickness are not bad as before,maybe I dont really have it yet but there's also possibilities that this pregnancy will be very easy in term of pregnancy symptoms.I dont feel anything like sensitivity of smells yet or I might be not having it at all.

In my first pregnancy I was so sick even before I missed my period, and it last until in my second trimester.I cannot hold a food in my stomach at all,I had mood swings that I cant understand why.One time I am happy then all of a sudden I end up crying,it was weird.Some people say I might be having a baby girl because of the obvious sign of it,and yes I do have a baby girl.

According to the Chinese prediction Chart I am having a baby boy!.....Well,I hope so but that's not really matter,what matter is we are going to have a precious and healthy little one,that we're going love and embrace for the rest of our life...and that's what matter most!

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Carolin said...

When am reading your post i can feel how happy you are to have your 2nd baby :-) You are right no matter what is the gender, the importance is God give u a precious and healthy baby. Contratulations, I am so happy for you. I can't wait for my turn now heheh.


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