Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The birth of my new blog!

This is the first day and the first post I made for this blog....What inspired me to open this?...its because I want to share the moment of being a mommy again for the second time.Share the happening and what I would be experiencing trough my pregnancy and until the day I give birth and so on.

This will be my daily log or let say my open diary for my children as we, as parents witness their journey in life till they grow up,this would be our open family story.

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Cacai M. said...

wow.. buntis na jud ka sa pang-duha sis.. congrats! Pila ka weeks nmn ka sis Chay? Maau gani krn ky ganahan nko og eat tapos usahay nlng nko ko ga-sickness though gasakit pod panagsa akoa tyan but ingon ang doc normal ra daw ky modako mn ang baby, ga-inat ang atong tyan. :) Pero bag-o pa lang jud tapos, gusto lang ko sge'g higda.. :) Mao nga daghan ko gusto isulat pero wla pa jud nko nabutang, wla pa naatiman og tarong akong mommy blog oi. Anyway, na-add na diay nko ni sa akong mommy blog Chay, sa akong BlogRoll. Og followed you in NetworkedBlogs and Google Friend Connect. Sge sis, ayo2x pod dha.. sge, muahhh!


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